Samantha Davis, founder of ahealthcollectiveco, is a qualified and highly experienced Musculoskeletal Therapist who is dedicated to the optimal wellbeing of her patients through the application of tailored MST management plans.

Musculoskeletal Therapy is a natural, holistic approach used to treat symptoms, relieve pain and identify and address contributing factors and underlying causes of musculoskeletal conditions. Such conditions include Temporomandibular “TMJ” Dysfunction, Primary & Secondary Lymphoedema, scar tissue, postural issues, Motor Neuron Disease, sports injuries, pregnancy-related ailments, headaches and more.

Samantha’s treatment strategies combine a range of techniques, including: myofascial release, cupping, mobilization, neural mobilization, dry needling, electro dry needling (TENS), lymphatic drainage, postural assessment, trigger point therapy and remedial massage. However, her comprehensive MST management plans will also factor in exercise prescription, diet/nutritional measures and mindfulness methods to deliver holistic treatment models which go well beyond simply treating the symptoms.

Samantha will commence teacher training for anti-gravity yoga in 2018 and will continue her studies in nutrition and dietetic medicine, an interest born from her time spent working as a qualified chef in London where she was mentored by famed chef Marco Pierre White.

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